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"......" - DillonDillon(Japanese:, Jiro), also known as the Red Flash, is the eponymous and protagonist character in Dillon's Rolling Western. Dillon is an armadillo that becomes a ranger. Although a seemingly kind character, Dillon's past is shrouded in mystery, though his life is gradually unraveled throughout the course of the game.


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For more Videos from Nintendo™, see Dillon's Rolling Western Media, or checkout their Youtube™ Channel [1]

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LemonDough LemonDough 11 September 2020

Rolling Western Discord Server!

Hello! This is an announcement for a Rolling Western Discord server for people to join! It's fairly new and small so it would be nice for more people to join and discuss these games and fan media alo…

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Bakujirou Conrado Bakujirou Conrado 29 December 2018

Happy Holydays!

Happy Holidays! I wish everyone is having a good time with family and friends at this time of year.

This year I was finally able to get back my old activities inside wikia so I could contribute with w…

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Bakujirou Conrado Bakujirou Conrado 22 July 2013

Activity Cooldown

Hi, how are you? Lately I face some problems to finalize the scripts Dillon's Rolling Western, 10th stage. I can not complete some of the quests it alone and do not intend to post the script, even ge…

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