Icon Dynamite Item Icon
Item Type Other
Main Usage Destroying Structures
Dropped By.../Found in... In some Mayor's Village Shop
Rarity Common
Cost to Buy 1000
Cost to Sell 500

"Homemade explosive used by settlers. This is more of a tool than a weapon."

Dynamite is an item that can be purchased in the game. It is first available in Hillville, usable for knocking down Rock Pillars to provide a barricade against Grocks. These items are available to all villages that have Boulders or Rock Pillars. The amount of Dynamite that can be purchased depends on the amount of structures there are that used the explosives. Some villages provide fewer Dynamite to give it that strategy to which structure to take down. Though these explosives work like the Bomb Crystal, but haves little damage to it, so it is not recommended for using agents grocks.


  • Though the Dynamite consists of 3 sticks, Dillon only used one.