Macho Bandana
Dillon with Macho Bandana
Icon Macho Bandana Icon
Main Use Charged Strikes
Uses  ??
Level Unlocked DRW: Whirlpool Gulch

TLR: ??

Cost 3000
Previous Gear Brawling Bandana
Next Gear N/A

"A spirit of bravado will envelop the wearer, or so they say."

The Macho Bandana is the strongest possible bandana, even stronger than the Brawling Bandana. They are available to purchase when you work for Mayor Connor. The bandana is patterned with black, gray and brown triangles.


The bandana, being the strongest, is executed in the same way as previous bandanas by sliding back on the touch screen until the charge meter fills up. If Dillon makes contact with something, it unleashes a wide-range shock wave.