A group of Footgrocks after entering during a raid.

Raids are the main source of conflict in Dillon's Rolling Western and Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last RangerRaids begin at sundown when the skies turn red, commencing the appearance of numerous Grocks around a village.

The raids for each village follow a pattern, differing slightly by day. Below is a list under construction of known patterns by village.

Dillon's Rolling Western


  • The first three sets of grocks to appear each day, in order, are Footgrocks, Weakgrocks, and another set of Footgrocks.
  • 1 Bossgrock appears on the second day, 2 Bossgrocks appear on the third.
  • The most attacked towers in Cinchville are Gun Tower 6 and Watchtower 3.


  • While preparing for the raid, you may run into Snaggrocks or Veggrocks for the first time. Though meeting either type of grock is unlikely during a raid, they will impede Dillon's progress here and in subsequent villages in preparing for them.
  • Gungrocks appear every day, positioning themselves by a river and attacking distant towers normally unreached by grocks and out of the range of the towers themselves.
  • The most attacked towers are Gun Towers 1,3, and 4.


  • Goldgrocks first appear. Though they primarily appear in the daytime, later stages have Goldgrocks that appear during raids.

Rio Grande

  • On the second and third days, you will have to deal with the Megagrock, which will quickly wipe out towers if not dealt with.
  • 2 Megagrocks appear on the 3rd day.
  • The first Megagrock to appear, on the second day, will attempt to destroy Gun Tower 4 first. This means that if Dillon wants to pass Colonel Buster's quest, he must destroy the Megagrock before it can take out the tower.

River Delta

  • The first grocks to appear each day are Motogrocks.
  • On Day 2, Diregrocks are introduced and appear every subsequent day, slowly replacing Bossgrocks.
  • Day 1 introduces Stronggrocks.
  • This village is the first time where Goldgrocks appear during raids.

Fort Denial

  • Springgrocks are introduced on the second day of the raid in the beginning, and appear in the beginning of the third day as well.

Whirlpool Gulch

  • Magmagrock first appear late into the 1st day.

Danger Valley

  • Megagrocks make a reappearance on the second and third days, in an almost identical fashion to their appearance in the Rio Grande (one on the 2nd day and two on the 3rd day.)
  • Diggrocks appear for the first time, replacing Gungrocks for good.

Dust Bowl

  • No new grocks appear during the raids, unless you didn't run into Snaggrocks, Veggrock, or the Red Veggrock.
  • Bossgrock appear after a long absence after Diregrocks were introduced.
  • During all 3 days, the first grocks that appear are Stronggrocks which appear north-west from the village.

Last Stand

  • Here the last boss, the Ultimogrock, is fought on the final day.

The Old Mission

  • No grocks are fought here; rather, Dillon fights King Ron's Mecha-Barrel instead.

Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger


  • The first grock always appears from the north den near the edge of the mesa.
  • In day 3, the den closest to the village will have footgrocks heading to the village, making sure Dillon was paying attention to all dens.

Gambol Ranch

  • The first grock always appears from the most northern den near the first watchtower.


  • In the Last Ranger, once the Train gets to the village and there are still some grocks in the field, all the grocks seem to go faster slightly.

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