Victory Charm
Victory Charm
Icon N/A
Item Type Other
Main Usage Last chance to defeat the Ultimogrock
Dropped By.../Found in... Given to Russ by Don Iguana
Rarity  ??
Cost to Buy N/A
Cost to Sell N/A

The Victory Charm is an item acquired by Russ in Stage 10, given to him by Don Iguana. He is excited in that something was finally given to him instead of Dillon.

The charm resembles the Eye of Armedo, its only difference being that it is blue and looks worn.


The charm provides a small but crucial role in the fight against the Ultimogrock, depending on whether or not Dillon has defeated it yet by the time it reaches the village. If he has not, a cutscene is shown of Russ watching the Ultimogrock from his helibike. Angered that the Victory Charm hadn't brought them victory in the least sense, Russ chucks it at the Ultimogrock below. The charm shatters, downing the Ultimogrock and allowing Dillon once last chance to defeat the enormous grock.